Learning Disability England annual online conference 2022

This year’s online conference is all about the work on  Good Lives. It will include the launch of the Good Lives Guide.

It will take place online Tuesday 15th March to Thursday 17th March 2022.


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The conference will focus on the actions towards everyone with a learning disability living their good life, building shared understanding and a move to action.


Members and partners will be sharing some of the positive examples now that show what is possible next.



Work on Good Lives started 2 years ago, with a meeting of over 40 self advocates.

You can read about that here

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Supporting people with learning disabilities to rent their own place


Blog by Gary Bourlet, Membership and Engagement Lead and self advocate



Learning Disability England has been working with Housing LIN, the Universities of York and Bristol, Riverside Housing and an advisory group of self advocates from My Life My Choice and York People First.


The project focusses on housing experiences of people on the ‘edge’ of social care, who don’t have a lot of paid support in their lives.


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2022 must mark a year of change

In the last few weeks there have been more people and families sharing their stories of system failures and  human rights abuses.


Today, 6 January 2022, the Independent newspaper has published a letter from 5 organisations including the Learning Disability England Rep Body Co Chairs about the lack of progress on Transforming Care.


The letter raises concerns about the number of people with learning disabilities and autistic people still being held in secure hospitals and ATUs.


And the number of people who have died unnecessarily whilst in these institutions.



The letter calls for the government to deliver on a “credible, evidence based, robust and detailed plan which redirects the half a billion pounds currently being spent on the wrong type of care”.

Read the Open Letter here 

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Down Syndrome Bill: A Statement from the Members’ Representative Body

We are sharing this statement after consulting with members about the Down Syndrome Bill.



We have looked carefully at what members have told us.



We have then gone back to members to check the position we are taking.



After listening to members, we will only support the Bill if it includes all people with a learning disability.

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Short term action needed now that supports a move to Equal Lives

Yesterday, 29 November 2021, ADASS published the results of their November Home Care and Workforce Rapid Survey.


The survey was undertaken between 2 November and 18 November and was completed by 85 of the 152 directors of adult social services in England.


The survey shows how Councils think thousands of people are not getting the support they should to live their lives

You can read the report here

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