Why your right to vote is important – A blog by Gary Bourlet.

Gary Bourlet, Self-Advocate & Membership and Engagement Lead for Learning Disability England

“It’s great to vote, ‘cause then you get a say on who’s going to be running the country” (Dr Mark Brookes, MBE).

There will be local elections in May and a general election later this year. Every adult in England has the right to vote. But how do we make sure we can? We want to make sure that those of us with learning disabilities are able to use our right to vote.

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The Impact of Advocacy

Gary Bourlet, Membership and Engagment Lead for Learning Disability England introduces a new film

Learning Disability England and Speakup Advocacy have been putting together a film called ‘Impact of Advocacy’.

It looks at the changes that have happened since people with a learning disability have felt empowered to speak up for themselves.

It looks into the important history of the self-advocacy movement and speaks to many inspirational people with a learning disability about their stories.

Last week we launched the film as part of Advocacy Awareness Week.

As a figure in the Self-Advocacy movement for over 37 and half years and a co-founder of People First in the UK, I have personally seen the impact it has made over the years.

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Notice to all members

There is now a date set for the next members meeting. 

This year it will be happening online over Zoom.

These meetings are for us to speak about the work that has been happening for the organisation over the last year and what will be happening in the future.

It will also go over Learning Disability England’s accounts which is how much money has come in and out.

There will also be an opportunity for members to make some decisions or ask questions.

The meeting will happen on the 6th December 2023.

What time
The meeting will start at 10am.
We think the meeting will last 1 hour.

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Speaking to…

My Vote My Voice’s Dr Mark Brookes MBE

Gary Bourlet, one of the Membership and Engagement Lead’s at Learning Disability England has been speaking with Mark Brookes about My Vote My Voice.

My Vote My Voice is a campaign developed by United Response, Dimensions, Mencap, Ambitious About Autism and the people who draw on our care and support.

Together they’re campaigning to remove voting barriers and raise awareness about people with learning disabilities and autistic people’s right to vote.

Dr Mark Brookes MBE is Advocacy Lead with Dimensions and helping to lead on their work for the campaign.

Gary speaks to Mark about what the campaign is all about and how you can get involved below.

Interview highlights
Interview – short version
Interview – full version