Voting Resources Hub – 2024

Accessible resources and information to help you use your vote or support others to use theirs in the upcoming elections

Local elections are set to be held in the United Kingdom in some areas in May 2024.

These elections will be a chance for you to decide who runs local services like schools, care for the elderly and disabled and libraries.

The General Election will be happening later in 2024 we think

These usually happen every five years and are a chance for you to vote for which political party will run the country.

You can find more accessible easy-read information around how politics works through the My Vote My Voice website.

Including how government works, why your vote matters and about your rights.

Go to ‘How politics works’ on their website here

My Vote My Voice is a campaign developed by United Response, Dimensions, Mencap, Ambitious About Autism and the people who draw on our care and support.

Lots of people are sharing great information to help people get ready for the local and general elections.

A big change has happened last year, you will now have to bring a photo ID with you when you vote.

Understanding Voter Identification

You can use either an accepted photo ID or a Voter Authority Certificate.

You can find information here on accepted forms of photo ID.

Here you can apply for a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’.

You can use this to vote in person in most UK elections and referendums.

Here is some easy read information from The Electoral Commision made with PhotoSymbols about how to apply for a voter authority certificate.

Using Your Vote

Voting Counts is a simple, unbiased political resource that helps you make informed decisions when voting.

There is information about elections, voting and parliament.

Visit the Vote Counts website here

If you have decided you want to vote or find out more about how you vote, you could look at this ‘Quick Guide to Voting‘ from My Vote My Voice.

They also have their own hub of accessible voting resources, including a Local Election Practice Ballot Paper: Easy Read Guide.

To take part and vote, you need to be on the ‘electoral role’.

Register to vote here

Here is the government step-by-step easy read guide to registering to vote for people with a learning disability.

Click here to access it

MiXiT have made a video for people with learning disabilities on how to vote.

Watch the MiXiT video here

Polling stations should have disabled access, and staff should help make reasonable adjustments so people with disabilities can vote.

You may have to talk to polling station staff about what support you would like.

You could show them a Voting Passport – this will help them to understand the reasonable adjustments needed to allow you to vote.

Supporting Others To Use Their Vote

The Quality Advisors at Community Integrated Care have made a guide all about voting and why politics is important.

It is particularly aimed at paid supporters helping people to vote.

See the C-I-C voting guide here

My Vote My Voice also have lots of information for organisations, carers and elected representatives to support people to use this legal right to vote.

Find those resources here

The Electoral Commission has created partner packs for organisations to help them raise awareness and support voters with applying for a Voter Authority Certificate.

Go to partner packs 

The Electoral Commission have also published their guidance for Returning Officers to assisting disabled people to vote which will be in effect for the May 2024 polls. 

If you have any other easy read election resources we can share, please email us on