Conference Speakers & Agenda

Banner advert for the 2020 LDE Conference Thursday 13 February 2020 | Manchester

Pop ups Sessions – mini workshops open to anyone arriving before the conference

The history of people with learning disabilities and my journey - Andrew Bright, Head of Development Thera Trust

How the case management and planning system works for providers - iplanit by Aspirico

“Including everyone: What’s next for person centred service design and care management
In the iplanit presentation we outline how innovation can ensure that the voice of people we support is heard and understood. We will discuss how software can underpin a change in behaviour in service design and delivery that builds on rights, demonstrates provider value, supports co-production and real collaborative working. Terry Langton will discuss a range of leading UK provider examples where providers are meeting the above goals. Terry has over 20 years experience as a disability/social care consultant and will use a mix of video examples and demonstration material to illustrate these important messages in an engaging presentation”.

More than my label – Claire – May Minett
Opening Session – Welcome from the Conference Co-Chairs

Scott Watkin - LDE Representative Body Member
Scott is one of the Co-Chairs of Learning Disability England’s representative body. He is am organisational rep

Jordan Smith - LDE Representative Body Member
Jordan is one of the Co-Chairs of Learning Disability England’s representative body. He is a self-advocate rep


Essex County Council
and Nesta
Making Co Production real for us all

How local people, Council staff and other organisations worked together with help from Nesta to create community support and new ways of working


Dame Julia Unwin CBE
Inclusion and Civil Society
How we can build on the learning from the Independent Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society to create community and voluntary organisations and action that include everyone.

Julia was the Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation from 2007 until the end of 2016. She has been a Charity Commissioner, Chair of the Refugee Council and Deputy Chair of the Food Standards Agency. She has written extensively on issues relating to philanthropy, governance, the voluntary sector and its relationship with government. Her most recent publication, “Why Fight Poverty?” was published in November 2013. She chaired the Independent Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society, had a Fellowship with Carnegie UK Trust, and is a trustee of the Dartington Hall Trust. In 2018 she was appointed to the Council of Economic Advisers by the First Minister of Scotland. In 2010 Julia was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award in the Charity Awards and has received honorary doctorates from three universities.
Tea & Coffee Break


Workshops - Find out more here

Making a profound difference together – Campaign for Change
Being active in your community – members of KeyRing networks and L ’Arche communities
Rights, choices & role of support - Supported Loving network members
Mindfulness: bringing benefits to us all – The Skills for People team
Training to understand? How can the new mandatory training work best? – Skills for Care


We are sharing members’ campaign films in a workshop room over lunch time

Or do join the extra research workshop
NIHR’s themed review: health & care services for people with learning disability – Louise Wallace

Hear what recent research is saying about health and care services for people with learning disabilities and tell us what you think

My campaigning life

Simon Cramp has been an advocate and activist for more than 30 years. He will talk about his work as captured in his book ‘Don’t Cramp my style’
Working together to achieve change - bulding shared understanding and action
Kevin Caufield and Faisal Yusuf of the Hammersmith and Fulham Disabled People Coalition
Isabelle Garnett who leads the Homes not Hospitals campaign
Anne Webster NHS England
Disabled people, family and self-advocate activists or campaign groups share how they have built shared understanding

We are running the organisation: leadership by people with a lived experience of a learning disability – Thera Trust and Anthony Collins Solicitors
Pass it on – Good mental health for all – Foundation for people with learning Disabilities
Employment making it work for everyone – Inclusion North and SeeAbility
Help make Learning Disability England stronger – Representative Body members
Leaders in making inclusion real – Community Catalysts and Dimensions Council

Tea & Coffee break
Building a shared understanding – actions for change. No more reports or review
Learning Disability England team
A self-advocacy Social movement – are you in?
17.00pmEnd of conference
Thank yous and goodbye