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Our Workshops

1st Session Workshops 
Making a profound difference together

How people often labelled as having profound and multiple learning disabilities can shape their own support, and be actively involved in their local communities
Frankie Dunn and Samir El-Ziftawy,
Campaign 4 Change working with Achieving Together

Frankie Dunn and Samir El-Ziftawy, from Brighton work for Campaign 4 Change, a self-advocacy group. Both are passionate about promoting the rights and inclusion of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. They will be supported by their families and other Campaign 4 Change colleagues
Relationships for all - Rights, Choices and support

Everyone has the right to a relationship and a sexual life but we know that this can be difficult for some people.
Supported Loving is a national network of organisations who want to help everyone to have this right. In our workshop we will look at the progress that has been made so far, what still gets in the way and how we can all work together to make it better for everyone.

Supported Loving Network members

Stephen Haywood, Charlotte Johnson Sue Sharples, and Claire Bates

Charlotte Johnson

My name is Charlotte Louise Johnson. I’m 29 soon to be 30 in early 2020. I Identify as trans and I’m currently on the Leeds GIC waiting list. I am confident with my identity but can struggle with my confidence socially which can lead to anxiety my supporters understand me really well and support and encourage me to be me. I’m an active member of Supported Loving and in 2018 set up 2buWakefield and attend network, group meetings and other events locally and nationally.

Stephen Haywood

Stephen is a member of the Lancashire Partnership Board and co-chair of the Friends and Relationships sub group. He is a proud campaigner for the rights of people with a learning disability to have safe, intimate relationships. He believes that everyone who has a learning disability and support staff should have access to sex and relationships training. His longstanding efforts were acknowledged by his inclusion in the 2019 Learning Disability Leaders List.

Sue Sharples

Sue has a background in Social Work and provider management. Since retiring she has been dedicated to enhancing opportunities for people with a learning disability to develop relationships, including setting up a dating and friendship agency with Stephen Haywood and providing training for staff, family members and self-advocates. In 2019 she received a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship, enabling her to travel to North America to explore approaches to preventing sexual harm against adults with a learning disability.

Claire Bates

Claire Bates has worked with people with learning disabilities at Choice Support since 2002. She is the founder of Supported Loving, a human
rights-based campaign with an associated national network.
Your future support, Your future workforce.
This workshop will explore
• What are the jobs that people do that affect people’s lives?
• What do you want to happen to make things better?
• Information about the “Learning Disability and autism Mandatory Training” How should people be involved in this work?
• What training are you involved in within your local area?
Marie Lovell from Skills for Care
Mindfulness: bringing benefits to us all.

Mindfulness for Life is a programme designed to bring mindfulness to people with learning disability and or autism.

This programme has been developed by Skills for People in partnership with people who have living experience of learning disability and/or autism and experts in mindfulness.
Suzie and Kathy will share how they developed the programme and what they have learnt.

Suzie Fothergill and Kathy Steele
Skills for People

Suzie has worked with Skills for People for many years. She is a lead member of the Skills for People Quality Checkers team and helped to create the Mindfulness for Life course and groups. She got the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders awards Lifetime achievement award in 2019.

Kathy works for Skills for People. She was involved in developing Quality Checkers. She currently leading our Mindfulness for Life project, helping people with Learning Disabilities learn how to use Mindfulness to improve their wellbeing.
Learning together – work to learn and change from Mendip House

In May 2016, people were bullied and abused at Mendip House which was run by the NAS. The home was closed in November 2016, and this presentation describes what we learnt about what went wrong, and what we have done to stop this happening again. We hope that sharing what we’ve learnt will help other organisations to stop it happening elsewhere.

Carol Povey

Carol is the Director of the Centre for Autism at the National Autistic Society
With a little help from my friends

This session has been co-created by KeyRing and L’Arche. We will explore the importance of friendship, building inclusive communities, creating a sense of belonging and community organising (how to make a wider change in our communities).
The workshop will include some short videos, mindfulness practice and a practical exercise exploring how hard it is to listen. We’ll also give examples of what we have done and what it’s taught us.

Frank Steeples has worked for KeyRing for many years, he is always keen to help people find ways to improve their own lives.

Anthony Fletcher was a KeyRing Member but now volunteers for KeyRing as a hub organiser and is heavily involved in his community.

Chris Speed is a KeyRing Member who is passionate about improving his community and loves to share his experiences.
Loren Treisman is CEO/National Leader of L’Arche. She’s worked in many charities both in the UK and overseas and is mother of twin boys. She’s passionate about inclusion, well-being and social justice.
Richard Keagan-Bull is a long-term member of L’Arche London, a public speaker and advocate for people with learning disabilities.
Lunchtime workshops

NIHR’s themed review: health & care services for people with learning disability – Louise Wallace Come and hear what recent research is saying about health and care services for people with learning disabilities and tell us what you think
My campaigning life

Simon Cramp has been an advocate and activist for more than 30 years. He will talk about his work as captured in his book ‘Don’t Cramp my style’
Simon Cramp – self advocate campaigner
2nd Session Workshops

We are running the organisation: leadership by people with a lived experience of a learning disability

Forty percent of paid director posts in the Thera group of companies are held by people with a lived experience of a learning disability. Thera puts at the heart of its leadership people with a learning disability and enables those it supports to control the Thera companies. Come along to this workshop to explore what this inspirational leadership structure looks like in practice – the highs, the lows and even the legal bits.
Matthew Smith and Jenny Garrigan are joint Directors of Quality and Involvement in Thera Trust, a charitable group of companies that support people with a learning disability. They work within an equal executive team of four, ensuring Thera Group is led by a person with a lived experience of learning disability.
Matthew brings both his lived experience and his professional advocacy background to his role in Thera. He is passionate about ensuring people have their voice heard. One of the ways he achieves this is to chair the Membership committee.
Jenny has professional experience in both health and social care and throughout her career, has worked to ensure that people with a learning disability can move-on from institutional environments and have more opportunities, designing and having control of the support they receive.
Edwina Turner is a senior lawyer in Anthony Collins Solicitors’ Charities & Social Business Team. She has extensive experience of working with national and international charities advising on restructures, mergers and internal governance.
Employment making it work for everyone

Inclusion North employs people with a learning disability and autism and family carers – we try and make recruitment as easy and accessible as possible and have learnt a lot about increasing diversity in the workplace.
SeeAbility employs Eye Care Champions who have learning disabilities and autism. Eye Care Champions Rebecca and Joanne talk about what it was like looking for work and their experience of having a job.
The session also covers how SeeAbility is supporting Rebecca and Joanne in their roles.
Sandy Marshall and Denise Bowles
Rebecca Lunness and Joanne Kennedy, Eye Care Champions, SeeAbility.
Laura Christie, Head of Eye Care and Vision, SeeAbility.

Sandy is a disabled person so understands some of the barriers, Sandy has used Access to Work and Direct Payments in the past.
Rebecca and Joanne have learning disabilities and work as Eye Care Champions in the North West. Laura Christie leads on SeeAbility’s national work around eye care and vision. Inclusion North and SeeAbility
Pass it on – Good mental health for all

The Pass-it-on Project is a training project about mental health for people with learning disabilities.
People with learning disabilities take the lead in training others all about mental health and giving them the skills and confidence to pass on what they have learnt through peer support groups. Come along and get a flavour of what we teach

Pat Charlesworth and David Mahon from Foundation for people with learning Disabilities

Pat Charlesworth is an expert by experience and a valued member of the team at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. Pat is the Chair of the Foundation’s Reference Group and the Chair of its Pass-it-on Steering group. Pat is an advocate, campaigner, researcher and trainer, and contributes to many projects and programmes and to both policy and guidance work. Pat works on the Palliative Care advisory group and developing guidance with NICE on growing older with a learning disability.

David Mahon is the Project Manager for the Pass-it-on Project at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. David has a background in developing projects and programmes across a range of different areas including the development and delivery of speech language and communication needs training across the youth justice and education sectors and peer support and co-production for people with multiple and complex needs.
Help make Learning Disability England a stronger voice together

There will be elections for 6 places on Learning Disability England’s Representative Body in 2020
Come and find out how the Representative Body works and the role of being a rep
Representative Body members – Wendy, David & Vicky being asked by Lisa & Gary

Gary Bourlet and Lisa Watchorn from the Learning Disability England team

How can organisations change the way they work to include more people?

Damian Hebron and Sophie Kendall will talk about how small changes in the way organisations work and communicate can be introduced and can help more people become involved in making decisions. And they will try to get people to help them with more ideas about changes they can make.
Damian Hebron and Sophie Kendall from the Nesta People Powered health team

‘Your voice, your contribution, your leadership’

“Our session is about the leadership of “self-advocates” and how people shouldn’t be “passive recipients” of their lives. People with lived experiences will be sharing tools and examples of how people can put into motion their talents, contribution and/or skills to make the change that needs to happen.

Daniel Watkins, Dimensions Council member has goals of following in the same footsteps of Dr Mark Brookes MBE.

Ciaran Bradley used his love for films, and desire to help people to launch a film club at a local community centre and a 2019 Leader on the Learning Disabilities and Autism Leaders List.

They will be sharing their journey’s and providing top tips on how to believe in yourself, follow your passion and provide leadership.

Adele Carter from Dimensions and Angela Catley from Community Catalysts will join them in the workshop