People’s lockdown video stories and blogs

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We all need to keep in touch with our friends and people we love – it helps us to stay happy and healthy. Coronavirus has meant everyone has to had to change how we do that.

On this page you will find videos and blogs where people tell their own stories about keeping in touch. 


Brighton and Hove Speakout have made a video series, Speak Out with Danielle, interviewing people about their lockdown experiences. You can watch the videos on their YouTube channel here.


Paul, a trustee of My Life My Choice, has written a blog about getting a haircut during Coronavirus.


Ace Anglia & Speakup have made 7 short films with some of their members, with the help of NHS England and NHS Improvement. 

Technology helps Mark keep in touch

Mark talks about how technology has helped him keep in touch with his girlfriend during lockdown, they’ve been watching films and joining in yoga and dancing sessions together.


Different ways of coping during lockdown

Patrick talks about how he has coped with life in lockdown and his nan. Jenny talks about how she is learning to use technology to support herself and Patrick.


Allotment helping people during lockdown

The Speak Up allotment is helping people to spend time outdoors with their friends during lockdown, learning new skills and experimenting with growing their own food.


Quizzes, beauty sessions and yoga keeping people busy during lockdown

Alison talks about how daily zoom meetings make sure everyone stays in touch and have what they need. Weekly quizzes, beauty sessions and yoga are helping everyone stay well.


Technology is helping people stay safe and in touch during lockdown

Vicky describes how regular Zoom meetings for workers and volunteers are making sure people are keeping safe, have food in the house and don’t feel like they are on their own during lockdown.


Supporting each other during lockdown

Steven talks about how having a good friend is helping them both during lockdown. Talking to each other about how they feel and giving each other advice.


Having people to talk to about feelings really helps

James talks about how a lockdown programme and well-being groups have helped him to cope with life during Coronavirus.

Regular calls to his family, support workers and learning disability nurse have meant that he always has someone to talk to about his feelings.