How we work with our members

How membership works

We work hard to make sure that people with learning disabilities voices are strong in Learning Disability England and not drowned out, so we keep a check on what experiences individual members bring as well as making sure organisations do not have more say on what we do because they are big or have more money.

Each person and organisation get a vote on big Learning Disability England decisions and who will represent them on the Representative Body.

The Representative Body works with the Trustees to check Learning Disability England is doing a good job. It takes the lead on decisions about who can be members and the work Learning Disability England should focus on or support. Learning Disability England wants to create with our members a strong, positive network built on trust and shared aims.

We do not have the time to check on every member but if we are told or find out that what a member says or does is not following Learning Disability England’s aims, purpose or beliefs then we will find out more, offer help or might even ask them to leave.

We describe how we would decide if we needed to do this in this section of our website Рwhere we describe what we will do if things go wrong or we do not agree with each other.

We might ask a member to leave if they are doing or saying something that is not in line with these aims and might affect what people think or believe about Learning Disability England members or the organisation.