Learning Disability England Annual Conference 2022

The 2022 Learning Disability England annual online conference took place on 15th, 16th and 17th March 2022.

“Be committed and hopeful. Be the difference don’t just talk about it. We are stronger together.”

Conference attendee

The conference started with the sharing of the Good Lives framework.

See the Good Lives: Building Change Together framework and videos here

This first session was open to everyone.

Members talked about Good Lives, the history and what it means to them.

And how to get involved.

“I draw on services to live a meaningful and equal life. I never set out to become a social justice activist…but I ask you all to become one too.”

Conference speaker

The Learning Disability England team and conference attendees shared pictures and ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #GoodLives.

See pictures and comments from the conference on Twitter here

“Thank you for a brilliant session. Lovely to hear all the great work.”

Conference attendee

What is the Good Lives framework?

This is a document that brings together people’s thoughts and ideas about what it will take for everyone with learning disabilities to be able to live their good life.

It is a conversation starter and a call to action.

“We’re stronger when we work together. It takes time to work in partnership. But it it is better to do less with more people than to let partnerships fade.”

Conference speaker

The conference sessions looked at what we already know.

Sharing the brilliant things people are already doing.

Inspiring us all through storytelling.

Sharing knowledge.

And creating conversation.

“As a parent of a young adult, I love seeing examples of genuine inclusion and valuing people’s strengths. Not only would it open up new options for him, it would mean services are more likely to meet his needs WIN WIN WIN!”

Conference attendee

Session recordings and slides will be shared with members once all the speakers have given their permission.

More about the sessions and speakers:

Session 1:   ‘Launch of Good Lives: Building Change Together’

Co Chairs: Mary Woodall and Wendy Burt


Members, including Representative Body reps and Trustees talked about what Good Lives is all about.


And why it is important to them.


Watch the recording from the first session here

Session 2:   ‘Living our best lives’

Co Chairs: Scott Watkin BEM and Sarah Maguire


Speakers included people, families and supporters talking about creative ideas and imaginative solutions.


Click here to find out more about the speakers in session 2

Session 3:   ‘So what is the policy now?’

Co Chairs: Jodie Williams and Rob Greig


Brief policy updates from national leads to build a picture of what we have.


Click here to find out more about the speakers in session 3

Session 4: ‘Our work to influence policy’

Co Chairs: Jack Marshall BEM and Lisa Hopkins


Examples from members and partners of projects and campaigns that are already making a difference.


Click here to find out more about the speakers in session 4

Session 5:   ‘Being seen and heard’

Co Chairs: Scott Watkin BEM and Jan Walmsley


How do we get more people to understand what is needed?


Click here to find out more about the speakers in session 5

Session 6:   ‘Building on work so far to get more action’


The last session of the conference reflected on what we have heard, and focused on how to move the Good Lives forward as a community.


We planned how we might get the actions we want locally and nationally with Open Storytellers.


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