Down Syndrome Act Guidance – Government consultation and Call for Evidence

The government consultation and Call for Evidence for the Down Syndrome Act guidance has opened today, 19 July 2022.

It will close on 8 November 2022.

The Representative Body are putting together an Advisory Group to plan how Learning Disability England will work with members to respond to the Call for Evidence.

The Learning Disability England response will bring together the collective voices and views of people from across the membership: people with learning disabilities, family and friends and paid supporters.

We will update members as soon as the Advisory Group has met.

The Representative Body consulted with members when the Down Syndrome Bill was going through Parliament.

Most members who replied said they wanted the Bill to include all people with learning disabilities.

Read more about what members said here

This Call for Evidence is a chance for members to get involved in what is written in the Guidance.

We hope that members will take part individually and as part of the groups and organisations you belong to.

If you are a member and want to get in touch about the Call for Evidence, please email or phone us on 0300 111 0444.