We all want to live a good life – just the ‘gloriously ordinary’ kind 

We looked at the map of fees paid to support providers that the Association For Real Change (ARC England) Learning Disability Research Unit has shared.

It shows that most Councils are not paying as much as it costs to run the services.

You can see the map here.

As member reps at Learning Disability England our 1st reaction was fear.

We are scared what the reality of his map means for people who draw on support and their families.

We hear stories of people struggling, becoming unwell and crisis.  

We know families are being called on to support their family members and are holding lives together but as the Reimagining Care report says we need a new understanding of everyone’s role including more support for family carers. 

Good social care support is an investment for all of us in our families and our communities. 

We know everyone is under pressure as organisations are not paid what it costs to deliver the service they are running for the Council.

Lots of Learning Disability England paid supporter members are making hard decisions about how they provide a good service or if they can keep doing that.

A report last year showed the impact on organisations and their staff. 

These maps are extra evidence of the need for the government to fund Councils to implement the Care Act.  

We also want change in how social care is organised – a move to supporting everyone’s Good Lives not keep the problems we hear now of services that are not built around the person but the needs of a system. 

There are lots of examples of good support but they are at risk as funding falls or there are only short term solutions 

We will keep working for a social care system rooted in community, a system which recognises and builds on the gifts and aspirations of citizens. A system we are proud of, contribute to and would be happy to use. 

Members Representative Body Co Chairs