‘No research about us without us’

People with a learning disability are often excluded from research and not enough is done to support people with learning disability to understand and take part in research.

This project is made up of about 25 people including:

  • Self-advocates with a learning disability
  • Support workers
  • National learning disability organisations (including Learning Disability England)
  • Accessible communication experts
  • Professional researchers
  • The National Health Service  

They will examine the barriers stopping research from including people with a learning disability. 

It will be led by 2 people:

Dr. Amy M. Russell

Researcher from the
University of Leeds

Gary Bourlet

Membership and Engagement Lead at Learning Disability England

This image above shows where the rest of the team is based in the country

The team made a poster about the project that we shared at the Seattle Club Conference in December 2023. You can see the poster here

The video at the top of this page was made by Gary and Amy to explain more about the research.

This easy-read application summary talks more about what the study aims to do.

As one of the first stages of the research, the team wanted to look through the written evidence of what was happening in other research about inclusion.

Researchers from The University of Warwick and Aston University had done some research we found interesting.

We found there was no accessible version of this research, so we decided to make this easy read.

To find out more about the project you can email Gary or Amy: