Our Spokespeople

We have spokespeople with learning disabilities, families and other experts who are ready to speak at events and to the media.

At Learning Disability England we believe society’s attitudes towards people with learning disabilities will not be changed until we see people speaking up for themselves, especially in the media and in politics.

All our spokespeople are members of Learning Disability England.

They have personal, lived experience either as a self advocate with a learning disability, as a family member or as a paid supporter.

We also use professionals when covering technical issues.

We have spokespeople because Learning Disability England staff do not speak for people with learning disabilities.

We believe people with learning disabilities and family members speaking for themselves will change the way society sees them.

If you would like a comment or an interview with one of our spokespeople, please contact Sam Clark, Chief Executive, on info@LDEngland.org.uk or 0300 111 0444.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Spokesperson for Learning Disability England, please contact us on info@LDEngland.org.uk or 0300 111 0444.

You can also read our spokesperson information sheet here.