The different types of members

Choosing the right membership category for you

We organise our membership to reflect three different experiences and voices:

– Self-advocates (including self-advocacy organisations)

– Families and friends (including family carer and support organisations)

– Paid supporters and partners (including individuals who work in social care, service providers, commissioners, universities, development agencies and others)

Individual members can be:

– a self advocate with a learning disability

– a family member or friend of someone with a learning disability

– someone who works with people with a learning disability

– an ally who wants to be part of our national movement

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What are self advocacy and family carer groups:

– your organisation is led by self-advocates and/or family members

– if your self-advocacy or family run organisation gets most of its income from delivering services rather than doing self advocacy and/or family voice support, then you will be part of the paid supporter category.

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What are paid supporter organisations?

– paid supporter organisations get most of their income from delivering services

– they are organisations or companies who provide, commission or in other ways aim to improve the lives of people and families.

– they can be very small organisations or very large ones. The different membership rates mean organisations pay what they can afford

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What are partner organisations?

– We know there are organisations with a much wider brief who have told us that they are also keen to support Learning Disability England’s work

– Partner organisations might be law firms, accountants, academic institutions, government departments etc

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