Rep Body Elections 2022

The Representative Body elections 2022 are now CLOSED for nominations.

The shortlisted candidates are now making their videos and writing their statements.

The voting period will start at 9am on Monday 30th May 2022.

Members will be told who is on the shortlist for election when the voting period starts in May.

The Representative Body (Rep Body) are people elected by Learning Disability England members to speak up for them and help make sure Learning Disability England is doing a good job.

Find out more about the Rep Body here

There are vacancies for:

2 self advocate reps – people with learning disabilities

2 family and friends reps

2 paid supporter reps – this can be individual members or people working for an organisation that is a member

Download the full information pack here

The information pack is for everyone who wants to stand for election.

And for members who want to find out more about the role of the Rep Body and the election process.

If you have questions you can contact us by email on

Or phone us on 0300 111 0444.