How can you work out what is important?

The important points from autistic people, people with a learning disability and family’s experiences would be:

  • Think about what matters most to you about how you live including:
    • who you live with
    • what you like doing
    • where you want to be
  • Think about what is important for you to keep safe and happy
  • Plan ahead – finding the right home can take time so start thinking about any changes early.
  • Make a list of what you want and decide which things are most important and which you can compromise on.

Below is an example of just one of the sections from the guide. There are lots of other ideas to help you plan in the guide.

Self-advocates in North Yorkshire made a checklist to help decide on what kind of home you want. Here is an example from the checklist:

You can see their full easy read guide on housing choices.