Rights for housing and support

When you are thinking about where you want to live, it is important to know about your rights. Rights are about how people should be treated.

Everyone has rights. Your rights belong to you, you do not have to do anything to get your rights, and they can never be taken away.

Your rights protect you from being treated badly or unfairly.

Some of your rights are protected by the law. This means there will be a duty on someone to protect your rights.

There are different laws that protect your rights when you are thinking about where to live. In this section, we will talk about.:

  • A law called the Human Rights Act.  
  • How the Human Rights Act protects you and who must look after your rights
  • How you can talk about an issue which affects your human rights

There is information on housing rights.

Go to more information about quality and legal issues – this also has more information on housing rights for example tenancy rights.