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Opening Session - Welcome from 3 Co-Chairs

Jenny Carter

Jenny is an LDE Lifetime Member

My name is Jenny Carter I am 32 years old and I have Autistic Spectrum Condition, Dyspraxia and Epilepsy. I live with my Mum and I am a self advocate. I am also a Partners in Policymaking Graduate. I also do Athletics. I am 1 of the leads for self advocacy in Wirral and a Director of Together All Are Able. I am 1 of the members of the National coproduction Advisory Group also the News Hound for North West Training And Development Team. I am passionate about self advocacy and personalisation.

Vicky Buckingham

Vicky is on the LDE Representative Body

Lynn Jackson

Lynn in on the LDE Representative Body
Loud Voices - Learning and influencing together
Louder Voices
We are a group of self advocates, families and support workers and managers who came together on a 6 month programme to learn how to influence politics and the media. We learned about finding what we care most about and ways to get our message out there. We did social media, media and politics training and have started using what we learned to get out there and make changes. Most importantly we learned about all our different skills and talents and how when we work together, we are so much stronger.
In our presentation we will showcase the work we have been doing, our campaigns and the successes we’ve had so far, and we will talk about what it means for us to work together.
Vicky Buckingham, Lynn Jackson, Gary Bourlet, Mark Brookes, Alicia Wood, Jordan Smith, Kate Chate, Claire Garrod, Liz Wilson, Mark Brookes, George Sinclair

Kate Ansell - Building alliances and the media

Kate Ansell

Kate is a disabled filmmaker. She has over 15 years experience making TV programmes.

For Channel 4 News, she produced and directed No Go Britain, a series of special reports highlighting barriers for disabled people in the UK, and featuring members of Learning Disability England. For the BBC, she has overseen several Panorama investigations, including some about how welfare reform affects disabled people. She’s also worked for BBC-3 and Channel 4 on series like One Born Every Minute and Don’t Turn Around.

She joined the BBC again in 2018. Now she’s part of their Daytime commissioning team. The team make decisions about what programmes to put on television, and help production teams make them.
Tea & Coffee Break
NWTDT - Co production across NW
TLAP - Making it Real
NDTI- Commissioning
Community Catalysts - So What, What Next project
Ray James & Kate Matthews - The NHS Long Term plan – Connections and alliances

Kate Matthews

Katie Matthews is a Learning Disability and Autism Network Manager at NHS England.

She is a part of a team of four Network Managers, two with a learning disability, autism, or both and two without. They use the co-working model where people with different strengths and abilities collaborate to get the best from each other.

Katie’s team acts as a bridge between NHS England and a forum of people with a learning disability, autism, or both, family carers, advocates and supporting organisations.

Katie has spent most of her life alternating between voluntary work and casual pay on minimum wage. Her work at NHS England gives her equal pay with her colleagues who do not have a learning disability, and also equal rights and equal responsibility. It has not only given her a purpose in life, but it has also made her see herself in a different perspective.

Ray James
Ray James CBE is the National Director, Learning Disability. NHS England.

Ray brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from a career in local government to his new role leading NHS England’s work to transform care for people with a learning disability and their families/carers.

He has served as Executive Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care at Enfield Council for over a decade and is a Past President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS). Ray was awarded a CBE for services to Adult Social Care in the 2018 New Year’s Honours List.

His Local Government career began in 1984 as a Scale 1 Clerical Officer and after working in three other London boroughs he joined Enfield in 1991 where he was appointed as Director in 2006 . Enfield is a multi-award winning North London Council, its growing reputation for adult social care reflected in national recognition in respect of safeguarding, independent living, community involvement and transition amongst other issues. Ray has always championed the insight and expertise of people with lived experience and their families. He has consistently sought greater recognition for the front line care and support workforce.

He has held a number of roles within ADASS including Chair of the London Region, National Lead for the Regions and President. His background in Commissioning has led to extensive work on national policy issues in this area.

Ray was born and raised in the East End of London, his family and Irish Ancestry are very important to him. Ray’s studies have included dual professional qualifications and a Masters in Leadership.

HOLD - Partnerships we all HOLD dear...Building Housing Opportunities
Trowers & Hamilns - Approaches to managing funding challenges
Care Management Group - Transgender support – people with learning disabilities and/or autism
SeeAbility - How eye care aware are you?
TLAP - Making it Real
Tea & Coffee break
Samantha Clark & Gary Bourlet - What's hsppening @LDE

Samantha Clark

Sam is the Chief Executive of Learning Disability England.
Sam’s first full time job was working in a hostel for homeless men.
She got to know lots of different people, some of them had university degrees or went to posh schools but still had struggled in their life and found themselves homeless.
After that Sam worked in several places supporting people to live independently. Sam learnt a lot about communities and how to get involved in making communities and people’s lives better.
Sam is passionate about the contribution we all can make being valued & recognised & is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with & learn from other people.

Gary Bourlet

Gary has been a self-advocate for over 30 years and is Co-Founder of Learning Disability England. Before this he founded People First England. Gary has a vast amount of experience in working with the media and has appeared on Channel 4 and in the Guardian. He is a civil rights campaigner and brought the People First movement to England.
Launch Transgender Support Guide
Michael Fullerton

Michael Fullerton, is Clinical Director with CMG. Michael is a Learning Disability Nurse and works for a provider organisation supporting adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. Michael was aware that CMG are supporting people who are thinking about transitioning from the gender they were assigned at birth, or they are a trans man or woman. He felt it important that CMG are able to support and advice people who are trans or thinking about this. As there is not much easy read information available about this, he felt that it was important to develop a guide
Shaun Webster

Shaun is a person with learning disability working for CHANGE as an International Project Worker and Volunteer Coordinator. Shaun began at CHANGE in 2003 and has worked on numerous projects, including the Rights of Children - Europe Project, where he worked on the closure of institutions for children across a number of European countries. For his work on the NHS Accessible Information Standard he was awarded an MBE. He has delivered training within the UK, across Eastern Europe, in Africa, and the Middle East on Inclusion, good communication and making information accessible. Shaun is a role model for young people with learning disabilities, using his skills and expertise to put the messages about Human Rights and Inclusion on an international platform. Shaun co-led the easy read projects with CMG on Keeping Safe Online, Transgender Support, and Pornography.
Jez Coram

Jez is Research and Development Manager at CHANGE and has worked with the organisation for eight years. He started at CHANGE in the Accessible Information Design Team as a Multi Media Designer, developing the CHANGE website, video projects such as the Bradford Sexual Health and Relationships Animations, and the Independence Pack, a pack to help people with learning disabilities move from ATUs back into the community. The pack won British Medical Association easy read patient information of the year in 2016. Jez co-led the CMG Accessible Information projects with Shaun.
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