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On 4 January 2021, the government announced a new national lockdown.

Everyone is being told to stay at home.

You can read the new national lockdown guidance here.

There is extra guidance for people who are extremely clinically vulnerable.

On February 22nd 2021 the government has come out with a roadmap of how we will come out of lockdown. You can read that here.

Here is a video from NWTDT explaining how the restrictions will be lifted.

You can read more government guidance in ‘Key Current Guidance Documents’ below.

You will also find the Governments Covid-19 Winter Plan and the covid-19 vaccine.

Resources that can help for information and great ideas from members and partners about putting the guidance into practice.


Key current guidance documents




Covid-19 Vaccine




Test and trace 




Wearing face coverings




Social distancing








Coming out of shielding




Archive of older guidance documents



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