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The government has published easy read versions of their guide for people receiving direct payments and their guide to using direct payments during Coronavirus.

There is new easy read information from the government about their plan for getting back to normal after Coronavirus.

The government has also published an easy read guide about the ethical framework for adult social care. These are rules to help make sure that decisions about care and support are made fairly.

Stay Up Late Campaign have made a great news sheet which includes a cartoon story about lockdown and what we can and can’t do.

Eddy Phillips, Carl Shaw and David Gill have forwarded us some great LGBT+ resources they have put together that might be helpful. These are:

Plain English LGBT+ Covid Guide

Easy Read LGBT+ Covid Guide

Easy Read Covid Guide for Trans and Non Binary People

NHS England have made an easy read version of the letter GPs are sending to their ‘at risk’ patients.
You can see the NHS easy read letter for ‘at risk’ patients here

The NHS have 3 easy read posters on

If alerted you need to isolate

Getting tested if you have Corona Virus symptoms

The symptoms of Corona virus and getting tested

Inclusion North have done easy read information on the virus, including making a plan for if you need to stay at home (self isolation).
You can find Inclusion North’s easy read resources here

Achieve Together have made an easy read guide about shielding for people who have received a letter from their GP saying they are vulnerable. You can see their easy read guide about shielding here

Photosymbols have made a series of posters that explain how to stay safe, what to do if you feel unwell and what it means if you have other health conditions. You can download the Photosymbols posters here

The Downs Syndrome Association has made an easy read guide for people with Downs Syndrome that includes information on what to do if you feel ill and social distancing. You can find the Downs Syndrome Association resources here

Like shopping online? EasyRead.Info have made an easy read guide to shopping online here

Inclusion Europe are sharing information that is easy to read from different european countries. Remember the advice is from that country not the UK but it could be useful if you know people in other countries. You can find easy read information from Inclusion Europe here

Talking Mats have made easy read versions of World Health Organisation advice. You can download the Talking Mats easy read resource here

Books Beyond Words are doing a series of picture stories and illustrated guides to support people with learning disabilities and autism through the coronavirus pandemic.

Mencap have made an easy read guide to coronavirus. They have also published easy read guides about:

The Purple All Stars have made a Handwashing rap. You can watch the hand washing rap video here

Opening Doors have made an easy read guide to making your plan for staying safe and staying in. You can find the download the Opening Doors easy read guide here

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust have made an easy read leaflet that explains having your temperature taken. You can find their easy read guide to having your temperature taken here

Mary’s Soap Story graphic: The big messages on keeping well are about washing your hands. Mary has shared her soap story with us:

The World Health Organisation have made some posters about managing stress and social distancing. You can see these below:


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