2021 Local Elections – Voting resources

The local elections in England are taking place on the 6th May this year.

These elections will be a chance for you to decide who runs local services like schools, care for the elderly and disabled and libraries – in 143 councils.

There is lots of positions up for election because Covid delayed last years voting.

Lots of people are sharing great information to help people get ready for the vote and decide how they vote.

We will keep updating this page as we get new information. We are not checking or supporting any of the information – you need to do that yourself.

Please do send us anything you know of or have done and want to share with others by emailing Anna at:



Voting On May 6th Advice videos

Hertfordshire City Council have made 2 videos; one is an introduction to voting in May and the other advice on how to vote:

An introduction to voting in the May 6th Elections

Advice on how to vote in the May 6th Elections


Voting in the May 2021 Elections: Animated Videos And Easy Read 

The Electoral Commission has made a short animated video showing you how to vote on the May 6th the elections:

Click here to watch the video

They have also made a video with what to expect when voting in person next month in England:

Click here to watch the video

There is also an Easy Read Guide to Voting in the London Mayoral and London Assembly Elections:

Click here to read the easy read

You can also contact them if you have any questions about voting, find out how on their website:

The Electoral Commission


Easy Read Guides To Voting In The Different Elections

Mencap have created a series of Easy Read guides which cover the different elections taking place:

Click here to read an Easy Read Guide to Voting in the May local and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England

Click here to read an Easy Read Guide to Voting in the May Senedd and Police Crime Commissioner elections in Wales

Click here to read an Easy Read Guide to Voting in the London Mayoral and London Assembly Elections


Easy-read voting slips

Learning disability charity United Response has partnered with the Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission to make easy-read practice voting slips for the upcoming local elections.

The practice slips use simple language and images to explain the voting process in easy-to-follow steps. They also describe what each election is for and how important local politics is to your everyday life.

View and print here


BBC – 2021 Elections: Simple Voting Guide 

The BBC have released a simple guide answering important questions such as:

  • What elections are being held?
  • Who can vote?
  • How do I vote?
  • How will coronavirus affect voting?


Your Free Voting Passport

Polling stations should have disabled access, and staff should help make reasonable adjustments so people with disabilities can vote.

You may have to talk to polling station staff about what support you would like.

It’s important to remember that everybody with a learning disability has the right to vote and so long as they can communicate who they wish to vote for, somebody can complete the ballot paper on their behalf. One of our members, Dimensions, have created a Voting Passport which is useful if you decide to vote in person.

Download your free Dimensions passport here


Easy Read Guide To Register To Vote

Here is the government step-by-step Easy Read guide to registering to vote for people with a learning disability.

Click here to access it


Easy Read Guide Voting In The May 6th Elections 

Manchester People First have made a short Easy Read guide which tells you how register and how to vote in person and by post.

Read the guide here


How To Vote By MiXiT TV

Here is a step-by-step video showing you how to vote in the upcoming elections.

Click here to view it


Every Vote Counts!

Every Vote Counts have worked with people with a learning disability and people who support them to develop easy information about politics, how politics affects people, and how to get involved and have a say in how the country is run.

Click here for further information and to access their website


Free Accessible Politics And Voting Workshops

The UK Parliamentary Outreach Service runs free workshops about politics and voting, made accessible for people with learning disabilities and autism.

You can organise a workshop to be held in your local area, and encourage people to go along and learn more.

The workshops are inclusive, with accessible and Easy Read information. There are activities to get involved in and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Visit the UK Parlimentary Outreach website to find out more about hosting your accessible workshop.


Voting survey And Love Your Vote Campaign

Dimensions has been encouraging people to vote through it’s ‘Love Your Vote’ campaign.

By completing this survey you can help the campaign understand why many people do not vote, and begin to tackle the issues.

Find out more about the campaign here