Assistive Technology sector deal report launched

Report on the launch by Gary Bourlet

HFT and Tunstall have become partners in launching a big report on assistive technology and are now asking others to join as partners with them.

They are asking the government to work with organisations supporting people with Learning Disabilities to invest in using technology as part of support better.

The report says it could help the economy as well as making support better.

You can read the report here

Front cover of Sector Deal report

I was at the launch on behalf of Learning Disability England and our members.

This is an opportunity I hope lots of Learning Disability England members will think about and get involved in.

Learning Disability England will get involved too to help everyone work together from all walks of life.

The main points I thought about after the launch

Assistive Technology is about different technology that helps people.

This includes lifelines. I have already got one of these.

Also, for those who need to be reminded of date to do things and were you left something and forgotten were you put your keys and mobile phone.

I think its important that People with learning disabilities and/or autism come up with their own designs for in and outside the home.

It’s about being safe but making sure it does not take away your independence at the same time.

Not all people with learning disabilities and/or autism need to be monitored 24/7.

Also making sure dignity and respect and privacy is part of the assistive technology and not being dependent all the time.

We need assistive technologies not just in residential homes, but those who live in their own homes if they choose it.

People with learning disabilities and/or autism could have paid jobs to build assistive technology and to test them out.

There were things though I was not sure about like watching you in your home and where is the independent, respect and dignity.