Build Back Better: Rep Body Co Chairs comment

On Tuesday the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made a statement about his plans for health and social care reform.

This included an increase of 1.25% in National Insurance.

The Representative Body Co Chairs have been discussing the announcement and what it means for Learning Disability England members.

They have made this statement:

“We are left with a lot of questions and worries because the announcements seem to mostly focus on residential care costs especially in older life.

Not support to live a good life in your community.

And no focus on working age adults with disabilities, including learning disabilities.

We have questions about social care means test charging for community support, rates of pay for support workers and the organisations they work for and much more about the detail of how social care will change based on what people who draw on social care say matters.

We could not see any clear points on those.

We know that support for family carers, good housing and making social care a great place to work all matter to all our members.

We look forward to helping members shape those with government.

We will keep working towards rights, inclusion and equality and a system that supports that.”

Jordan Smith, Wendy Burt and Scott Watkin BEM, Representative Body Co Chairs

Learning Disability England members have been working together for over 2 years to think about what health and social care reform needs to look like.

They have a clear vision for change, which was captured in this graphic by Pen Mendonca as part of our contribution to #SocialCareFuture.

Members have clear actions for the change they want and why.

And members have made videos and written blogs about this too.