Confused by lockdown? Me too

During the last 4 months we have all had to face lockdown because of Covid 19 (Coronavirus).

We have not been able to go out and see friends and family like we normally can and there have been barely any shops or social places open.

When we do go out, we must stay at least two meters apart from others. This has all been very hard for people to cope with, I know it has for me.

We have all had to deal with really big changes and it can be lonely and upsetting but it can also be really confusing.

Things are changing all the time and there are constantly new announcements from the government telling us what we can and can’t do.

There are so many rules and they often seem to contradict each other.

We cannot have our families staying or visiting us in our homes, but we can have a cleaner doing housing chores? First, we were told that facemasks did not need to be worn as they would not help but now, we are being told we must wear them. Plus, things are changing by the day so it’s hard to just keep up with the new guidance.

The changes have been hard for everyone to follow but it can be even harder for people with learning disabilities and autism.

I know for myself that as soon as I begin to understand the guidance it seems it all changes again. But there have been some organisations who have been doing a really good job of providing easy-read documents and resources.

These are definitely helping myself and others to make sense of everything. But still, many of the information the government puts out can be difficult to understand.

I guess what I want to say is if you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone!

But do remember there are lots of helpful resources online that can help make things a bit easier to understand (see our resource hub on the LDE website).

Also, just speaking to others about things can really help too.

If I’m feeling confused, I often speak to my good friend and neighbour who helps make things clearer for me again.