Coronavirus Act: the reply from Helen Whateley, Minister for Care

On 20 March the Representative Body Co Chairs Wendy, Jordan and Scott wrote to the Prime Minister and Matt Hancock.

In their letter they told the Prime Minister about how concerned members are about the Coronavirus Act and the suspension of Care Act duties.

They told the Prime Minister and Matt Hancock about their worries about the negative impact it could have on people with disabilities.

Here is the letter the Rep Body Co Chairs sent

Here is the reply from Helen Whateley, the Minister for Care (dated 10 August).

We will keep listening, raising these issues and campaigning with other people to protect disabled people’s rights and change the Act where it is not working.

Please let Lisa, the Comms Lead, know about work you are doing about this and tell her how Learning Disability England can help you more. Lisa’s email is:

If you have experiences on social care during Covid that you want to share to support learning or help disabled peoples organisations change things or influence you can share them on Be Human here