Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities Research Update

The Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities research is different.

It is different because researchers are talking to 1000 people with learning disabilities across the whole United Kingdom.

Not people who are speaking FOR people with learning disabilities. But self advocates themselves.

People who take part will talk to a researcher 3 times over the year in 2021.

This can be on zoom, by phone, on What’s App or whatever works best for you.

Find out more by watching this video of Gary Bourlet talking to Sue Caton, one of the researchers.

If you are a person with learning disabilities and you want to take part, contact us today!

Phone us on 0300 111 0444 or email us at

There is also a survey that can be filled out by a close family member or paid supporter if the person with learning disabilities can’t talk to the researcher themselves with or without support.

Watch this video to find out more about the survey and how the researchers are making sure they hear the views and experiences of people with more ‘profound’ learning disabilities.

Learning Disability England is partnering this research because we know how important it is for people with a learning disability to have a louder voice.

This research is being done by 12 universities working together. That means that the findings will be listened to.

And the findings will be used to make change happen.

The researchers also need your help to think about the questions for the second round of interviews.

What questions do you think they should ask?

What would be important for you to know from the research?

Send your questions for the researchers to ask to: or phone us on 0300 111 0444.