Get involved #SolveSleepins #StopSleepInCrisis

What are we doing?

On Wednesday 16th May and Friday 18th May, the #SolveSleepIns Alliance will be conducting two ‘Days of Action’ which involves meeting and speaking with as many MPs as possible.

Wednesday 16th May- Houses of Parliament, Westminster

If you want to be involved in this please contact us 

Friday 18th May- Your Local MPs Constituency Office

We need as many people as possible to be involved in this!

Why are we doing this? 

In order to raise attention to the issue of back-pay and social care, we need to speak directly with MPs who can help change things. This includes backbench (non-government/shadow cabinet) MPs, government ministers and those on relevant select committees.

The Solve Sleep-ins Alliance thinks that care workers and PAs should receive all back-pay that they are entitled to. The Government commissions and funds care services, through local authorities. For the past six years, the Government has underfunded sleep-in shifts by not providing local authorities with the money to pass onto providers, personal budget holders and care givers equivalent to the National Living Wage. It is thought that this underfunding for organisations that provide care and support to people with learning disabilities could be as much as £400 million.

The Solve Sleep-ins Alliance believes that central Government should pay the bill facing social care providers and personal budget holders because they are ones that have caused the problem. We are calling for the Government to set up a fund which pays workers their back-pay directly.

Social care providers and personal budget holders rely on funding from local authorities to be able to pay care workers and PAs correctly. At the moment, most local authorities are still not paying providers the extra amount of money needed to cover the costs of paying the National Living Wage now or in the future. We need Government to properly fund social care now and into the future.

Who can get involved?

Service users, workers, families and other sector representatives are all encouraged to attend. If you are reading this, then you can join!

How can I participate? 

Email your local MP asking to set up a meeting on our day of action (Friday 18 May).

We have documents to help!  They are:

Easy read overview doc

About the campaign

Letter to send to MPs on sleep-ins – To ask for meeting 

Please contact your MP now – asking them to solve sleep-ins!