Guidance on visits out of care homes

This week’s VLOG is about the guidance on visits out of care homes.

Gary Bourlet. Membership and Engagement Lead, looks at the new guidance that came into place on 4 May.

And he talks to two members who live in care homes to find out their views.

Many people, including our members, have said they thought the guidance around visits out of care homes that took effect from the 12th April was unfair.

The guidance said residents of care homes had to quarantine for 14 days after any visits out.

There was lots of campaigning done against this and on the 4th May, the government changed the guidance.

Care home residents  now don’t need to isolate if they only meet with their nominated visitor or go out with a support worker from where they live, as long as they  stay outdoors and don’t use public transport.

Gary Bourlet, our Membership and Engagement Lead has filmed a video speaking more about the guidance and campaigning.

He also talked to 2 people who live in a care home and have been affected by the guidance; Rachel Wild and Karl Womack.