How we think about social care – research from #socialcarefuture

#SocialCareFuture is a movement made up of people that want to see positive change around social care.

The movement is made up of self-advocates, families, professionals, managers, support providers, user-led organisations, politicians, commissioners, community groups and others.

Gary Bourlet our Membership and Engagement Lead met with Neil Crowther; Co-convener of #SocialCareFuture, over zoom, last week.

He spoke to Neil about their recent research which looked at how we think about social care.

You can view the full chat between Gary and Neil at the top of this page or by clicking below:

#socialcarefuture – a chat about their recent research

You can find out more about #socialcarefuture on the blog or by following the movement on social media:

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They have also written a basic list of things that everyone can do to help change the story of social care.

Read the list here