LDE Letter to Mencap

Danny Tozer died on 22nd September 2015 after having a seizure in his bedroom in a shared house where he was supported by Mencap.

We wrote about this awful news and you can read our thoughts here. Our Co-Founder, Gary Bourlet, also wrote a response which you can read here.

Some of our members got in touch with us to say that they were worried about Mencap’s response to the fact that Danny died whilst in their care.

Because we had members contacting us directly about their concerns Gary Bourlet, Co-Founder of LDE, wrote a letter to Jan Tregelles, Chief Executive at Mencap, and Derek Lewis, Chair of Mencap’s trustee board. Jan and Derek then replied to us.

We feel that it’s important for us to share both of these letters with our members.

We’re grateful to Jan and Derek for their prompt reply. We’re currently thinking about how we could best use all of our time in a meeting.

LDE’s letter to Mencap



Mencap’s reply to LDE