LDE Representative Body Elections 2020 – Voting is now open!

Update: Voting is now closed! Thank you to everyone who voted. Find out about your new representative body here

Voting is now open for the LDE Representative Body elections 2020. We hope every member will get involved and have their say!

Voting started at 8am on Monday 1st June and closes at 5pm on Sunday 21st June.

Every member of Learning Disability England gets one vote.

There are 6 places on the Representative Body to be filled: 2 self advocate representatives with a learning disability, 2 family and friends representatives and 2 organisational representatives.

Voting is online via Survey Monkey. Every member has received an email with their own voting link. We chose Survey Monkey to make sure we have a secure system for collecting and counting votes. Members can also request a postal vote and / or a proxy vote.

It is not too late to join or renew your membership and have your say! Anyone who joins or renews their membership by Friday 19th June will get a chance to vote. To join or renew, contact us on 0300 111 0444 or join online.