Learning Together – Louder Voices

The Louder Voice programme brings together people with learning disabilities and/or autism and families.

Me, Liz Wilson and Wendy Burt from Dimensions gave a short presentation at this year’s open university in Milton Keynes on the louder voices programme.

We strongly believe that in order to bring about real change, disabled people and their families need to be fully involved. This program was created to help people learn the skills needed to create change.

The programme was supported together by Learning Disability England, Dimensions and Choice Support. It was a chance for people to tell their own stories, do some media work and work on their own projects over six days. None of those people who attended who had learning disabilities were related to the families who were also there.

We learnt all about people’s different lives and the struggles they had been through. After this everyone practised speaking up about the issues they faced.

If you want to learn more about the Louder voices programme and what was involved, follow the link below. You will see the PowerPoint, written by Liz Wilson, that we presented at the open university. It explains all about what was involved and also what we learnt from the programme about making the voicers of those with learning disabilities louder!

You can see the presentation here

Gary Bourlet, Spokeperson and Membership lead

We can share the resources or more information on the programme – get in touch if you want to know more