Life for people with learning disabilities through the pandemic – Wave 2 findings

The first findings from the second set (Wave 2) of interviews of the Coronavirus and People with Learning Disabilities research project have been published this week.

The findings will be released in a series of reports over the next few weeks, which we will add to this page.

The research is being done by 12 universities across the UK working together.

The research is helping people with learning disabilities to tell their stories about what life really has been like during the pandemic.

Richard Keegan-Bull, Advisory Group memberand self advocate with a learning disability said:

“These findings from the research are really important because they come from people with learning disabilities speaking to the researchers themselves.

So we are hearing about what life has really been like for them during Covid.

The work of the Advisory Group is important because it makes sure the researchers ask the questions that matter to people with learning disabilities”.

The Wave 2 findings are based on interviews in April and May 2021 with 598 adults with learning disabilities.

And an online survey with family members and paid carers sharing the experiences of  273adults with learning disabilities.

These were adults who were unable to take part in interviews with the researchers themselves.