Living Life to the Fullest

Speakup and Dan Goodley of Sheffield University want to share his research called  ‘Living Life to the Fullest’.

This exciting research project worked in partnership with disabled children and young people labelled with life-limiting or life-threatening impairments and their allies. The Living Life to the Fullest project aimed to explore the lives, hopes, desires and contributions of disabled children and young people.

The website is interactive, with lots of films, resources and key findings. It has lots of resources to get people thinking and acting: these can be used as an inspirational tool, or in training, focus groups, reflection and best practice.

You can see the research website and toolkit here

Here is an extract from key finding 3:

Young people we spoke to wanted to live: take risks, make mistakes, experience, learn, love and live fully (but often they did not have the space to). Young people were often creative in their approaches to living and achieving, and were able to articulate their achievements and self-pride in knowing how to live in often difficult circumstances’ Living life to the fullest toolkit 2020’

Speak up and Dan have asked that you share this information with friends, family members and colleagues at work and within organisations.