Making Health Checks work: Webinar

Annual Health Checks: making them work!   

Wednesday 7th October: 2 – 3pm (on Zoom)

This free webinar will give people the chance to hear about great work that is being done by self advocates, family carers, commissioners and providers around the country to help make Annual Health Checks really work

Who is speaking and how to book a place

Health Peer Educators Joel and Steven will be talking to us about the work that Ace Anglia do to with the Learning Disability Annual Health Peer Educator Network, local Learning Disability Primary Care Liaison Nurses and GP surgeries to support annual health checks.

Lynn James Jenkinson from Pathways Associates will share personal reflections as a Mum on the Annual Health Checks template and explore issues around capacity that this brings up.

Xan Brooker is the senior commissioner for integration in Kent and will share her ideas about how they are making Annual Health Checks work better.

Xan says, ‘We know we need to do better and my role regarding Annual Health Checks is to find innovative ways to make the best use of resources within the framework available, and really get under the skin of what the problem is by working with people to design and implement solutions’.

Helen Cairns and a colleague from Treat me Right! will tell us about the work that they are doing to help young people with learning disabilities know about and make the most of their Annual Health Check.

Treat Me Right! is a Certitude project that supports people with lived experience of learning disability and/or who are autistic to use their experience to provide bespoke awareness training and advice on reasonable  adjustments to businesses and organisations.

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