Managing shared household expenses: What’s best practice?

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About this Event

This session will talk about how people who live together can decide how to share costs such as food shopping, bills and furniture. We will also talk about how to manage a shared vehicle and what the alternatives are.

We will share our experience of being appointees and financial advocates over one thousand people with a learning disability and working with over 200 support providers to share good practice, ideas and some warnings; focusing on how we can use the Mental Capacity Act to ensure each person’s money is used in the right way for them and they have access to what they need.

This session will be hosted by:

Meike Beckford was until recently Lead Director at Dosh with eight years’ experience supporting people with their money as an advocate, as well as delivering training and consultancy across the country to self-advocates, support providers, social workers and families.

Phillipa Gould is a Financial Advocate in the East Midlands and also leads Dosh’s specialist advocacy work. Prior to working for Dosh, Phillipa was a support team manager of several supported living services.

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