National Self Advocacy Convention 2020 – Open for booking

The North West Regional Self Advocates Forum is hosting a National Convention again in February 2020.

It will be in Blackpool from 25th – 27th February 2020

The convention happens at the same time as the North West Regional Self-Advocacy Conference. We are really glad to be working with NWTDT/Pathways team again to make this happen.

The Convention is a great chance to meet and work with other self-advocates from around the country on national issues.

The people who came last year said it was really good to work together and meet people from other areas.

You can watch some films from the last conference here

Do you want to be part of the Convention?

There will be room for up to 50 people to come from all over England.

What it will cost?

It costs £200 per person for 3 days at the conference including 2 nights in the hotel and meals.

Groups will need to work out how they can pay for it and travel costs to get there.


In the North West groups and individuals fundraise to help pay for going to the conference.

They will include groups from other areas in their ‘All about me’ fundraising if you ask them to.

You can find the fundraising pack here

We know some groups are asking their local commissioners if they can help find the money or applying to small grant pots


If you or your group want to come but cannot afford all the travel or conference costs then please contact us at

We have a grant that can help groups get to the conference by funding some of the costs.

Usually you can get a grant to pay for travel if you can buy the conference place or to pay for a supporter’s place.

We expect the group to fund some of it but the grant pot can help if you cannot raise all the money.

We would love for you to join us at this year’s convention!

You can find more information about the conference in the flyer 

To book a place fill in this form