Paid Supporters preparing with people for Covid Vaccination

Learning Disability England has worked with members and partners to write a guide for people and organisations that offer paid support to people with learning disabilities.

The guide helps them to prepare the people they support to make a decision about having the Coronavirus vaccine.

The guide is useful for support providers; and also people with learning disabilities and family members who employ Personal Assistants through a personal budget or direct payment.

The guide looks at how important it is to understand the facts about the Covid 19 vaccine, the reasons why people should have it, why some people with particular conditions shouldn’t have it and information about how to support informed decision making.

Kevin Rodgers, spokesperson and self advocate with a learning disability said: ” this guide is really important. It makes sure staff who support people with learning disabilities help them think about having the covid vaccine and make the choice that is right for them”.

You can find accessible information about having the vaccine, including easy read information and videos from members and partners on our Coronavirus Hub here.

You can find the latest government guidance about vaccination, along with consent forms on our Coronavirus Hub here.