“People making a difference – not out of sight”

Vlog by Gary Bourlet on why we must recognize the achievements of people with learning disabilities, featuring Scott Watkins BEM and Dr Mark Brookes BME.

2 weeks ago The Shaw Trust Power 100 list came out – this is a list of powerful disabled people. The same week a sad and worrying report came out from the CQC called ‘Out of Sight’.

This report looked at the use of restraint and seclusion in care services for people with learning disabilities.

This report found evidence that people’s needs were not being met and people were being put into care services without proper assessments.

They also found that many of the staff that worked for these services were using inappropriate restraint techniques like blanket restrictions.

People were also being kept in seclusion and long-term segregation for far too long which we know can have negative effects on peoples mental and physical health.
Many of the conditions people were being kept in were also very poor.

It is important that we look at the positive ways that people with learning disabilities make a difference in the world.
People with learning disabilities have equal rights to everyone else and should be able to live free from abuse with good support.

Hopefully the Power 100 list, of influential people with disabilities, can help change attitudes and stop abuse and torture.

Gary Bourlet spoke to Scott Watkins BEM and Dr Mark Brookes BME about why list such as The Shaw Trust Power 100 are so important…