Press Release: LDE to Elect New Representative Body

Press release, May 2017

Learning Disability England to elect new Body of Representatives

During a successful first year, Learning Disability England has brought together people with learning disabilities, families and the organisations that support them to challenge national funding issues, to improve opportunities and to change attitudes towards people with learning disabilities. The transition board and CEO will now step down in accordance with the organisation’s constitution.

They will be replaced by a representative body of people with learning disabilities, family members and partner organisations elected from the membership, making the organisation an authentic voice of learning disability in policymaking arenas and with the media.

Karyn Kirkpatrick, chair of the transitional board, said, “LDE has made enormous progress in the first year due to the energy and commitment of our co-founders, Gary Bourlet and Alicia Wood. As we move to our next phase Alicia will become Head of Public Affairs at Dimensions, one of our member organisations, and as such will continue to work very closely with LDE, particularly in building our relationships across government.”

Spokesperson Gary Bourlet added, “Elections to the representative body will take place from 3rd to 24th July and are open to all members. Individual membership costs from just £12 a year, money which goes towards improving the lives of people with learning disabilities. By joining LDE you can play your part in helping us make a real difference. Join us now.”



For more information, interviews, and case studies contact Annie Tidbury, Head of Membership & Communications at Learning Disability England:

Phone: 07780 707 577


About LDE

Learning Disability England is a membership organisation for:

  • people with learning disabilities
  • families and friends
  • providers
  • commissioners
  • national and regional learning disability organisations like self–advocacy & carer groups
  • development and training organisations.

We aim to:

  • Work together – with people with learning disabilities, families, professionals, organisations and the government to achieve better lives for people with learning disabilities.
  • Put people with learning disabilities first – in everything we do and how we are run.
  • Be challenging – when it comes to what people with learning disabilities and families want, need and have a right to.
  • Be empowering – by making sure our members have power and can act on behalf of Learning Disability England with confidence and clarity.
  • Be creative and try new things – by thinking differently about how we can solve problems and not being afraid to get it wrong sometimes.