Rep Body welcomes Mary Woodall

The Learning Disability England Representative Body welcomes a new self advocate member, Mary Woodall.

And says goodbye and thank you to Paul James.

Mary has replaced Paul, who recently stepped down due to work commitments after starting a new job.

Mary was the reserve candidate, voted for by members in the elections in June 2020.

Mary said:

“I am so delighted to become a member of the Rep Body.

I feel lucky to be voted in and I look forward to working with everyone.

I especially look forward to representing other self advocate members to make sure everyone has a voice.”

Jordan Smith, Rep Body self advocate co chair said:

“We are sad to see Paul step down.

He has been an important part of the Rep Body during a particularly busy time because of the pandemic.

I want to thank Paul personally for his hard work and all the knowledge he has shared.

We wish him luck in his new job.

And we are very pleased to welcome Mary to the Rep Body.

Mary brings lots of great experience and I look forward to working with her.”