Research – The coronavirus pandemic and the lives of people with learning disabilities

Researchers from 12 universities are joining together to do a study on  how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people with learning disabilities in the UK.

It is really important that we hear the experiences  of people with learning disabilities because they can get very unwell from Covid-19.

The information that the researchers find out will then be shared with people who can help to  make positive changes.

The research in England is being led by 2 main university professors: Professor Richard Hastings from the University of Warwick and Professor Chris Hatton from Manchester Metropolitan University.

There have been lots of studies done on the pandemic but not many that people with learning disabilities can easily be involved in.

This means that  self advocates’ voices are not being heard loudly enough.

This is not OK. This could stop the right changes being made to make life better.

This UK research  project will talk to 1000 adults with a learning disability, 400 will be from England ; and 500 family carers, 200 will be from England.

The researchers will need to speak to all the people that take part 3 times over one year.

Some of the adults they speak to might not be able to speak for themselves so the researchers will be speaking to their carers and support staff.

How you can get involved

Do you think you might be interested in taking part or know someone who might?

Do you want to find out more about the study?

Then go to the  research website here:

Learning Disability England are working with the researchers to help people get involved.

Self advocacy or support organisation members are helping people take part in the research so they can tell you more.

Or you can contact us direct by phone or e-mail on 0300 111 0444 or