Rights, relationships, respect – social care

“Social care means making sure people can access their rights and are treated with respect”

This is just one of the things 40 people with learning disabilities, family members and staff said is most important for how we design and develop social care support in the future.

People got together and talked about what is important to them and their families in local ‘Think Tanks’.

People said social care should be built on

  • good relationships,
  • people being valued
  • people being active members of their community
  • services doing what they say they will

Most people did not talk about models or services but talked about making sure everyone is treated well including staff getting support and help to do their job.

Relationships are the key to everything working.

You can read more about what people said is important in the report here

What next?

This work by some members is there for everyone to use to help them campaign for change, develop policies and change how services work.

We will use it as part of our work on agreeing together what actions we want to see for people to be living good lives with support that helps that not getting in the way.

If you want to be part of that work or find out more about being a Think Tank get in touch with Rachael on Rachael.Hall@LDEngland.org.uk