Social Care Debate: Write to Your MP!

On Wednesday 25th October there will be a debate in the House of Commons on social care.

Together with LDE member Dimensions, we have written a letter that you can send to your MP, asking them to attend the debate. The letter asks them to highlight that:

  • Social care is not just about older people, it is important to thousands of working-aged disabled adults and their families
  • Good social care is not just about funding, it needs to involve the people who use it to co-produce services
  • Issues around social care need to be resolved urgently, to make sure people with learning disabilities and their families get good support

Click here to download the letter.

Click here to find out who your MP is. 

Make sure to fill in the bits that are in bold and send it to your MP before Wednesday 25th October!

Below is a briefing on social care that MPs can read before the debate. We have included a link to this briefing in the letter.

Briefing for MPs

Click here to download a copy of the briefing.


For more information email Annie at or call her on 0203 45775 86.