Social Work capabilities statement

A capabilities statement for social workers has been launched

On 18th June the British Association of Social Workers launched a capabilities statement for social workers who work with people with learning disabilities.

This statement explains all the things a social worker needs to be able to do to support people with learning disabilities.

At the same time, they launched a continuing professional development pathway for social workers working with people with learning disabilities

The capabilities statement is important because there has never been one before for social workers who work with people with learning disabilities.

Danielle at the launch meeting

Danielle and Dawn from Learning Disability England members Bridgton & Hove Speak out went on behalf of LDE

Their feedback for all members was

“it involves a commitment to ongoing training but in practical terms they are talking about things like having a named social worker, allowing people to make decisions for themselves, letting people make bad decisions etc…. all sorts of important things.

We are less clear on how this framework will be made to happen in every area”

The capabilities statement itself, and the Continuing professional development pathway for Social Workers Working with Adults with Learning Disability are here

Is the statement and pathway useful to you?

Please do ask the social work teams you work with if they are using the statement or share any feedback or ideas

We are interested to hear if you think this can make a difference in your area or to your practice or has already