“Speak Up and don’t be afraid” – Black history month

October is Black History Month – this is a month of meetings, films or activities to celebrate the history of British black people.

It is a chance for all of us to learn about our history and for people to speak up and talk about black people’s experiences and achievements.

It is also a chance for everyone to think about what they want to do differently in the future.

At Learning Disability England we are working on what we need to do as an organisation to not be racist and to stand up against racism. We have been thinking about this as part of our work with our members on Good Lives 2020 as Gary said in his video blog here

We asked Aisha and Sam what they think about Black History Month and what we all need to do, you can watch or listen to them here:

You can find out more about Black History Month on this website:

Visit website

There is easy read information on Black Lives Matter and the action people are taking from Easy News here:

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Ambitious About Autism made this information on racism and Black Lives Matter:

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Jade French worked with lots of people to make this information on Black Lives Matter:

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