Staying safe at Christmas and Season’s Greetings!

The government have changed the rules since Gary wrote this blog. We have updated the links where the rules have changed.

The new government rules include

  • Tier 4 rules that say stay at home and you cannot meet anyone outside your house or bubble. The places in Tier 4 are mostly in London, South and East – you can find them here
  • Christmas changes to the rules are only for 1 day now

It has been a strange and difficult year for everyone. But is has also shown us the strength of self-advocates and self-advocacy groups. We have also seen how people can really come together to help each other through hard times.

Christmas might also be strange, many people will be having a Christmas without their families for the first time.

You might be worrying about what to do and what is safe. I think the important thing to remember is to do what feels right for you and think about any risks to yourself.

Many people will be experiencing Christmas alone. Try not to worry if you are, there is lots of stuff going on online especially from self-advocacy groups. There are quizzes, activities and groups you can join to connect to others. Find out what you can get involved in HERE

Also try and keep in touch with your friends and family using technology like zoom and try and get some exercise each day. I like to watch films and play music to keep myself entertained.

It’s also really important everyone follows the guidance for the Christmas period, set out by the government. You can read the guidance HERE

The new rules say you can meet up inside with up to 2 other households to make a ‘Christmas bubble’ for 1 day. if you do not live in Tier 4 areas. Here is some easy-read information on planning for Christmas

When it comes to visiting shops, churches, Christmas markets and going to events, you must follow the tier guidance for where you live. You can read more about this in the easy read linked above.

Most of the Learning Disability England team will be breaking up at the end of this week on Friday 18th December and will be returning on Monday 4th January. This means we unfortunately will not be contactable by phone or e-mail for that time.

The team want to say Season’s Greetings to all our members, and we hope you have a pleasant and relaxing few weeks. We also hope that next year will be a much more positive one for everyone.

By Gary Bourlet