Stop the postcode lottery: the lives of all people with learning disabilities have equal value

Learning Disability England members and partners, and the wider learning disability community, have been campaigning for some time for all people with learning disabilities to be made a priority for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Now Learning Disability England have published a report detailing the campaign along with a case study from Kent and Medway CCG and quotes from people with learning disabilities and family carers.

The report looks at the reasons why the vaccine should be offered to ALL people with a learning disability.

It looks at the growing postcode lottery as individual Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and GPs are relying on JCVI guidance which encourages ‘local flexibility’.

A member of Learning Disability England, who has a learning disability himself said:

“It just isn’t fair that some people [with learning disabilities] are getting the vaccine and others are not because their doctor won’t listen or has the wrong thing on their records.

My life would be just as valuable if I lived in the North or on the South coast.

How am I meant to argue with my doctor? I can’t even get through to the surgery.”

Join the campaign and write to your MP.

Use this easy read template from NMTDT / Pathways and Dalesview Partnership to help you to write to your GP.

It helps you to explain why you should be a priority for the vaccine.

Learning Disability England will continue to campaign and raise awareness until ALL people with learning disabilities are made a priority for the vaccine.