The disability power list

The Shaw Trust Power list is a list of 100 of the most inspirational disabled people in the UK this year.

Me and my personal assistant from Learning Disability England attended their launch event this week where they announced who came in the top 10.

I congratulate Baroness Jane Campbell for coming first with her amazing work as an advocate in the house of lords for disabled people. But really all the people on the list are winners, no losers, no one came at the bottom of the list and they should all be so proud of what they’ve achieved.

There were many more people with learning disabilities on the list this year than two years ago, this was great to see. It is important that they are recognised too. It was brilliant to see Andrew Bright, Scott Watkins MEB,  and Gavin Harding MBE at the event and they were all well deserving of their place on the list. The same is true of Mark Brookes, Jackie Downer and Jen Blackwell who are on the list too.  I was actually featured on the list last year in the top ten and this year I was involved as a judge. I had to put disabled people forward myself who I consider inspirational, it was so difficult as there are so many people.

It is so important that lists like this exist. To acknowledge the great things achieved by disabled people. To show how people with learning disabilities have skills and the ability to really impact and influence society in a positive way. Self-advocates are doing great things and The Shaw Trust Powerlist helps make sure people know this and can help others to achieve more.

Gary Bourlet, Membership lead and Spokesperson