This must not be a wasted opportunity

Mandatory training for health and social care staff

Today more than 55 organisations have come together to write to the Health and Social Care Minister, Matt Hancock. They are asking that the training in working with people with learning disabilities and autistic people is not a wasted opportunity.

They go onto say “How this training is developed and tested could help change attitudes and support the shifts we all want for people with learning disabilities to live long healthy lives as equal citizens”

You can read the full letter here

The organisations involved in the letter include local user led, community development, social care and education support organisations.

We at Learning Disability England hope the roll out of mandatory training mirrors this collaborative approach – bringing people and organisations together.

Scott Watkin, BEM, Organisational representative on Learning Disability England’s Representative Body said,

“We need everyone’s skills and experience to make this work well. It’s time to share power and help save lives by changing attitudes and increasing staff confidence”