Vaccine to be offered to all people with learning disabilities

Today it has been agreed that everyone with a learning disability who is on a GP register will be offered the Covid vaccine as part of priority group 6.

This has happened because the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) looked at their advice to government again.

They have written a letter to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock saying they think it is a good plan for GP’s to ask everyone with a learning disability if they want the vaccine.

The letter also says they agree it is good for Councils to work with health services to check everyone living with support in shared settings is on the list for GP’s.

You can read the JCVI letter here.

You can read the reply from Matt Hancock here.

Learning Disability England members have been asking for this change by writing letters, talking on the TV or radio, asking questions of the government or their local health systems.

Everyone has worked hard and we are so pleased this change is happening.

“This is fantastic news –It’s so important that all people with learning disabilities get the vaccine. It has been a long time coming and I do wish it had been done before. This will give people more freedom and is a big relief for many people, including their family, friends and supporters. It is really important people with learning disabilities are not forgotten and it is the successful campaigning, by so many people, like this, that makes sure that does not happen.”

– Gary Bourlet, Membership and Engagement Lead of Learning Disability England

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